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Slovakia is a beautiful country with many cities that really worth a visit. One of them is Bratislava. It remains in the shadow of a much more widespread Prague, but certainly the city is remarkable. Very famous in Bratislava's Old Town. If we find ourselves in this place early this surely we can see a beautiful view of the rising sun. Bratislava addition, it has a lot of monuments worthy of attention. Among others may be mentioned Bratislava Castle dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth century and the ruins of Devin Castle and the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral. Martin, Gothic Franciscan Church of the Annunciation of the Lord of 1,297 years, the Baroque church of the Trinitarians, and much, much more.
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The capital of Hungary is not without reason deserves to be called one of the most beautiful European capitals. Budapest is a city that are worth taking the time not only in the day enjoying the local and surrounding attractions, but also in times of night when the lights illuminate the Danube great facilities and offer unforgettable views would not find anywhere else. Magic Miastko, whose earliest traces of settlement are from the Stone Age. There is no lack of interest of the desktops, historic and beautiful, as well as cultural entertainment, which should experience. There is also a lack of Polish accent. At Budapest worth spending more than a day, and preferably several days, during which you can taste the local attractions, flavors, atmosphere created by local people and all kinds of entertainment available around the clock. The capital of not difficult nor from reaching it from different parts of Europe, not only, or even the reservation of accommodation for the discerning.
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